Vedic astrology has been a prominent part of astrology.Vedic Astrologer in India or jyotish is one of the most popular branches of astrology.
Vedic astrology makes use of various mathematical calculations to arrive at accurate predictions and forecasts. Vedic astrology emphasizes that the various celestial bodies have a huge impact on a person’s life.
This form of astrology studies the nine planets, the signs and the constellations (nakshatra). It studies the impact of the signs and planets on the different houses of a birth chart. Vedic astrology attempts to interpret this chart and makes predictions based on the position and degrees of the planets.
The position of the planets at the time of birth is important for determine an individual’s nature, personality, characteristics and life path. Vedic astrology predictions are accurate to a large extent, given the correct birth details. Indian astrology by date of birth, time and place of birth gives the most precise results.
Astrologer Tanuj Lalchandani practices Vedic Astrology in Delhi. He has a client base spread across the globe. Finding a Best Vedic Astrologer in Delhi is a difficult task.
Tanuj Lalchandani Vedic Astrologer in World believes in simple remedies which provide effective results. He believes that karma can be improved by doing good and charitable deeds and worshipping God. The planets can be appeased with simple remedies and it helps in reducing the problems of life.

His enthralling journey took him to an off-beaten path. His fascination with the mystical and spiritual world of astrology started at the tender age of 14. He began to study under his Guru, Late Shri Subhash Chand Gupta, who helped in refining his raw talent. To quench the insatiable thirst for knowledge and spirituality, he started reading the Shiv Mahapurana at the age of 14 and has read it 17 times till date. He then started with Bhagvad Gita (in Hindi and Sanskrit). Next, He moved on to Durga Saptashati. These scriptures have helped him discover many arrays of wisdom. He has been a firm believer of astrology since many years. He has seen it work on various clients. He has seen it help people get through difficult times. It is extremely satisfying to help people get out of trying circumstances or at least help them deal with it in a better way. Astrology is part science and part art. He acts not only as an astrologer but also a friend and a life coach to most of his clients. Tanuj Lalchandani was recently awarded with “Excellence in Astrology” and “Excellence in Tarot Card Reading” by National Institute for Education & Research (NIER). He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Astrology by National American University. He has also authored two books on astrology, “Treasure Trove of Zodiacs” and “Tatva, Soul & Karma” which have received positive reviews. Tanuj’s friendly behaviour, empathy, simple remedies and patience is what makes him the best vedic astrologer in Delhi. To consult Tanuj Lalchandani for Vedic Astrologer in US near me, send an email to

Our Services


Get a detailed horoscope reading to get the answers to the questions you have. All you need is your date, time and place of birth. It is a highly personalised service which is private and confidential. Simple remedies are suggested to overcome various troubles.


Palmistry can provide a thorough insight into the nature of an individual. It can only be done in person as it is important to consider the shape, length, width, colour, curvatures and various other features of the hand.


A deck of tarot cards can reveal a lot about your current situation and about your relationship with other people. A tarot session can answer your immediate concerns and queries.


The wooden beads of Rudraksha hold certain mystical properties and can help in overcoming various difficulties. Some people may be suggested to wear Rudraksha to attain mental peace, overcome certain ailment, attaining wealth or overall wellness. There are various types of Rudrakshas, each having unique properties


Any place constructed after considering the principles of Vaastu Shastra helps in providing happiness and success. Get a detailed Vaastu analysis of your home, office, industrial sites and factories

Personality Profile and Self Analysis

Get a detailed analysis of your personality to know and understand yourself better. It will enable you to take better life decisions and deal with your relationships in a better way.

What Clients Say

Stefka & Tashenka Boshnakova

Dear Tanuj, I want to thank you so much for the pleasant and so excited conversation. It has been a few days since we talked, but I still think about it and try to process it. You really exposed me. You knew my deepest secrets. I could not understand how could that be possible. I am trying to find the ringt words to describe, how precise that was. I am very impressed and so thankful to you, because of your kind and calming way to tell me not only the pleasant things. I would recommend you , unconditionally.

Arun gupta

Tanuj is a nice person having great proficiency in his subject matter. This was my first visit to an astrologer. He made me very comfortable and the way he explained everything was very smooth. I had a session for an hour and got many doubts cleared. Thanks Tanuj...

Piyush Kumar

Tanuj is an extremely knowledgeable astrologer who helps people understand their charts and guides them through good and tough times. We have been consulting him for over a year now and his remedies have helped us immensely. He is very approachable and also professional in terms of his meetings. I hope more people reach out to him. Thank you, Tanuj, for all your help and guidance.

Ritika Poddar

Honestly, before meeting Tanuj, I was sceptical about this whole astrology idea but he literally changed my mind with the practical approach he has towards this subject and genuinely he is good with it. I can surely say that he is very understanding and knowledgeable astrologer. He takes personal interest in understanding and solving the problems. I am going through great challenges in life and to my surprise, he predicted all of them accurately. Also, solutions given by him are easy to follow. So, I hope it helps me in coming out of these challenges with great victory. If interested,I strongly recommend his astrological assistance.